Brian and lisa Teater

Pastor Brian is originally from Danville, KY.  He has pastored churches in Columbus, IN; Louisville, KY; and Madison, IN.  He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary and a BBA from Eastern Kentucky University.

Brian’s wife, Lisa, is originally from Middletown, OH and has a degree in accounting from University of Cincinnati. Together they have 11 kids, ranging in age from 5 to 30.  

Brian enjoys watching sports, of which his favorite is UK basketball.  He also enjoys music of all kinds, but would say that he is a classic rock kind of guy and one day hopes to be a classic rock star (as a second job, of course!).  

Lisa enjoys scheduling and spends much of her scheduled time homeschooling the five youngest kids.  

Worship Team

Vocals - Joetta, Melanie, Val, Scott

Keys - Brian

Bass - Tammi, Scott

Guitar - Rick

Drums - Matt


"We want One Hope to communicate through loving acceptance

that a growing relationship with God is truly our One Hope." 

We value people. We value the truth of God's Word. And we value connecting those two values through relevance. You'll see it in our music, our interaction, our topics of discussion each weekend. It's an intentional act we include in everything about ONE HOPE - not to be cute or different - but to help connect people to a growing relationship with God. 

We desire ONE HOPE to be a place of refuge, love and connection for people from all walks of life, with all types of personal history, and with hurts from daily living. We want ONE HOPE to communicate through loving acceptance that a growing relationship with GOD is truly our ONE HOPE


You'll find real people with real struggles in life - just like you. Nothing phony or artificial here.

Casual and comfortable is our dress code.

You'll find a team of people to say "Hi" and show they're genuinely glad you're there.

You'll find music that is contemporary, upbeat, and is designed as a tribute to God. You're more than welcome to sing along, clap, jam, or just sit back and soak it in.

You'll find a relevant topic of discussion from God's Word that surprisingly fits into real life.

You'll find that we start on time, and end on time - with no pressure, bait and switch, or surprises.

You'll find a child-care service that will gladly watch your kids with games, story time, and activities for ages birth to 8 - at no charge!

You'll find yourself surprised that "church" could be this uplifting.

And, eventually, you'll find a place we hope you can call home - that helps connect you to a growing relationship with God, and with other people wanting more out of life.