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We are excited and feel blessed to be able to be leaders for One Hope's Youth Group! Our goal is to provide the youth of One Hope, your children, with the guidance they will need to lead a confident, Christ filled life. We will accomplish this by provided the youth with lessons that will assist them with growth and wisdom to work through the struggles they may face in this stage of their youth. Through those lessons not only will we discuss the hard challenges they may face, but our goal will be to fill them with the knowledge of Christ. We truly look forward to knowing each child and growing with them!!    -Amanda

Questions??   Contact Amanda -

Monthly Retreats

One Hope's Youth Group will be meeting for monthly Retreats. The Retreats will be filled with food, games and meaningful lessons! The first half of 2020 we will be focusing on topics on how we can be our best self, how God's Love is different then any "love" we may feel, how we can "spring" into being a God follower as a teen, what to do when it's "raining" in our lives and before we break for summer our May lesson will focus on a topic the youth picks! 

Jan 31st- Monthly Retreat- "Being" our "super" Self"

Feb- God's Love - date TBA

March- Springing into Action

April - When the rain comes down

May- Youth Choice on the lesson

Next Monthly RetreatJoin us Friday Jan. 31st-6p-9p!  Will have dinner, games an a lesson on being our "super" self!    Please RSVP to Amanda B by Thursday Jan. 29th!  Bring a friend!

Upcoming in 2020: Summer Retreat- weekend camp out

Begin fundraising for Mission Trip 2021