Thank you for all you do for our One Hope kids!


Nursery Rotation

Date Name Bible Story  Page
1/5/20 Lori and Erin God makes wonderful things 10
1/12/20 Jenn and Trevor God makes Adam and Eve 16
1/19/20 Bev, Kevin, and Kendall The Garden of Eden 20
1/26/20 Lisa and Eliza Noah builds a big boat 24
2/2/20 Jenn and Trevor God sends a big flood 28
2/9/20 Lori and Erin The tower of Babel 32
2/16/20 Bev, Kevin, and Kendall When Isaac is born 36
2/23/20 Lisa and Eliza Esau and Jacob are born 40
3/1/20 Jenn and Trevor Esau sells his birthright 44
3/8/20 Lori and Erin Isaac does not fight 48
3/15/20 Bev, Kevin, and Kendall Jacob deceives his father 52
3/22/20 Lisa and Eliza Jacob has a special dream 56
3/29/20 open Jacob meets Rachel 60
4/5/20 Jenn and Trevor Joseph's brothers sell him 64
4/12/20 Lori and Erin God helps Joseph 68
4/19/20 Bev, Kevin, and Kendall Joseph has a secret 72
4/26/20 Lisa and Eliza Hebrew slaves work in Egypt 76
5/3/20 Jenn and Trevor God takes care of baby Moses 80
5/10/20 Lori and Erin A bush keep burning 84
5/17/20 Bev, Kevin, and Kendall Ten terrible troubles 88
5/24/20 Lisa and Eliza Moses leads his people 92
5/31/20 open God leads Moses and his people  96

Preschool Rotation

Date Name Lesson
1/6/2020 Lisa Stewart and Andrea Wilde In the Beginning
1/12/2020 Joan Curtis & Olivia Brown Filling the Earth 
1/19/2020 Jen and Chris Brown  In God's Image
1/26/2020 Val and Kim Rankin The Very Big Boat
2/2/2020 Lisa Stewart and Andrea Wilde Abraham and Sarah
2/9/2020 Joan Curtis & Olivia Brown Sarah Laughs
2/16/2020 Kim and Val Rankin God's Love- Valentine's Day Lesson
2/23/2020 Jen and Chris Brown  Isaac and Rebekah 
3/1/2020 Lisa Stewart and Andrea Wilde Jacob and Esau
3/8/2020 Joan Curtis & Olivia Brown Joseph's Coat
3/15/2020 Kim and Val Rankin Baby in a Basket 
3/22/2020 Jen and Chris Brown  The Burning Bush
3/29/2020 Lisa Stewart and Andrea Wilde Let my People Go
4/5/2020 Joan Curtis & Olivia Brown Palm Sunday 
4/12/2020 Kim and Val Rankin He Has Risen- Easter Lesson
4/19/2020 Jen and Chris Brown  In the Wilderness
4/26/2020 Lisa Stewart and Andrea Wilde Ten Commandments 

Children's Church

Date Name Lesson
1/6/2020 Scott and Brynn Pentiuk  New Beginnings 
1/12/2020 Amanda Bise
1/19/2020 Amanda Bise What a Catch 
1/26/2020 Amanda Bise God's Gift of Forgiveness
2/2/2020 Amanda Bise Go for the Goal - SuperBowl Lesson
2/9/2020 Amanda Bise A little Love and Kindness
2/16/2020 Amanda Bise God's Love- Valentine's Day Lesson
2/23/2020 Amanda Bise God in First Place
3/1/2020 Amanda Bise God's Guide
3/8/2020 Amanda Bise A Father's Faith
3/15/2020 Amanda Bise Easter Lesson 1
3/22/2020 Amanda Bise Easter Lesson 2
3/29/2020 Amanda Bise Easter Lesson 3
4/5/2020 Amanda Bise Palm Sunday 
4/12/2020 Amanda Bise He Has Risen- Review Game/Bible Buck Store
4/19/2020 Amanda Bise
4/26/2020 Amanda Bise